Hi, I’m Toosdhi (pronounced tooz-dee)! The face of and the brains and fingers behind McGowan Online. McGowan Online is committed to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners maximize their Pinterest presence and drive traffic to their blog or website.

Are you a blogger or entrepreneur who is struggling to figure out how seemingly EVERYONE except you is using Pinterest to reach their target audience? You probably find yourself wondering how you can realistically find the time to master making pins, tagging them properly and promoting them on Pinterest so that your target audience finds your content. Realistically, you probably can’t, really it’s okay, no one can do everything. That’s where a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (PVA)comes in. You will continue to write amazing articles, create freebies and test beauty products and I will develop the gorgeous, eye-catching pins and get them on the right boards so that your tribe can find you. If you don’t even have a Pinterest account, that’s okay. I can set-up an account, create your boards and manage the entire shebang for you! Head on over to my Hire Me page to learn more about Pinterest and what Pinterest Virtual Assistant can do for you.

When I’m not helping clients reach their target audience by driving traffic to their websites, I’m either reading, reorganizing a closet, walking dogs at my local animal shelter or volunteering at my local library.

My academic background revolves around public health, social work and business administration.

Professionally, I have spent more than a decade and a half as a civil servant. I have also volunteered with numerous non-profit organizations and have served on the boards of a few as secretary and treasurer.