Pinterest Virtual Assistant

What is Pinterest?

A search engine cleverly disguised as a social media platform. It’s not all cupcakes and Curious George themed parties. Pinterest is a powerful search engine that connects people to recipes, how tos, info-graphics, blogs, courses, products and like minded groups.

Who Needs Pinterest?

You and everyone you know. Well, maybe not absolutely everyone you know but you probably need Pinterest. That’s why you’re cruising around this website, right? If you’re developing amazing e-courses that no one is signing up for, Pinterest can help promote your course. If you’re writing incredibly informative blog posts that no one is reading, Pinterest can help you to reach your target audience. If all your fellow bloggers are talking about how their email lists just keeps growing and growing since they started using Pinterest and you haven’t had the same results with Pinterest, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can help you turn things around and maximize your Pinterest presence.

What is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant (PVA) can complete one-time tasks such as converting or establishing a Pinterest account for you to managing an entire Pinterest campaign to launch a product. A PVA to take on tasks such as creating pins, creating boards, joining group boards, interacting with influencers in your niche, scheduling pins, cleaning up boards, creating boards, interpreting analytics and numerous Pinterest related activities. No one can do or be an expert in all of the tools needed to help make a business successful. While you’re using your expertise to write amazing blog content or film super fun craft tutorials, a PVA can use their expertise design inviting pins to promote the content you create.

Who Needs a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

If setting up and monitoring another social media account brings you to tears, let Pinterest Virtual Assistant (PVA) save you some tissue. If you have a personal Pinterest account but can’t quite seem to figure out how it can help your business grow, a PVA (Me!) can establish a business account for you that will help drive traffic to your website. If the idea of using a design program to piece together cool informative graphics and attention getting text makes you physically ill, a PVA (Me!) can cure your ills. If you’re always wondering how you’re going to find the time to update your pins and manage your group boards, you can stop worrying about this by letting a PVA (Me!) worry about it for you by establishing and maintaining a pinning schedule. If any of the challenges have caused you to loose some sleep, contact me!


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