Ultimate List of Gym Bag Essentials

Part of forming the habit of going to the gym regularly to exercise or forming any habit is having the proper supplies and equipment easily accessible. I am a avid exerciser. I don’t need to trick myself into going to the gym, I just go. It’s always built into my schedule. My bag is always packed with my essentials and has it’s own designated hook in my closet for rest days. What’s in my bag is likely a little different from what’s in your bag. This list will cover the items that should be in everyone’s gym bag.

If you get dressed at home before heading to the gym and return home to shower and change before continuing on with your day or evening, you’ll probably only need a few essentials.

1.  Towel (Kudos to you if you go to a gym that supplies towels)

2. Water bottle

3. Music player (iPod, phone)

4. Headphones

5. Headband

6. Hair tie/scrunchi

7. Membership card or fob

If you like to hit the gym straight after work in the evening, in addition to those listed above, you’ll need a few more items.

8. Workout top – tee/tank

9. Workout bottom – shorts/leggings

10. Sports bra

11. Socks

12. Shoes

If you like to hit the gym on your way to work or midday during your lunch break you’ll need the whole shebang. Purchase travel sized supplies or empty plastic bottles to fill with your favorite products.

13. Body wash

14. Wash cloth or pouf

15. Shampoo

16. Conditioner

17. Shower shoes

18. Bath towel

19. Deodorant

20. Hair brush and/or comb

21. Clean undergarments

22. Socks/Stockings

23. Work outfit

24. Work outfit accessories (bracelet/earrings/belt/watch)

25. Dry bag for those sweaty clothes and wet bath towel (I am so jealous of you if you go to a gym where they launder your gym clothes. Yes those gyms are real but I cannot afford that type of membership! If you can, may I have a guest pass, please and thank you?)

Optional items that may or may not be essential, totally depends on the individual. I am obsessed with skin moisture so I always have facial moisturizer and body lotion in my toiletry kit on days when I need to shower at the gym. On the other hand, I don’t even own a flat iron or curling iron.

26. Weight gloves

27. Razor

28. Hair product

29. Body lotion

30. Facial moisturizer

31. Make-up

32. Hair dryer (Kudos to you if you go to a gym that provides hair dryers, lucky devil)

33. Flat iron

34. Curling iron

35. Feminine necessities

36. Toothbrush

37. Toothpaste

38. Perfume/cologne

39. Fitness tracker (FitBit, Alta, Garmin)

40. Athletic tape

41. Weight belt

42. Wrist wraps

43. Protein powder

Extra essentials that I keep in my gym bag.

44. Spare contact lenses

45. Workout journal

46. Pen

47. Extra pair of socks

48. Snacks (Nuts/protein bar, anything that has a long shelf life)

49. Wet wipes

50. Gum

51. Chap stick

Did I overlook anything? What is a must have essential in your gym bag?

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